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In a groundbreaking collaboration, as part of the SynergieRegion project, the Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering (IAS) at the University of Stuttgart and NAiSE joined forces to enhance logistics management through innovative technology integration.

Our collaborative efforts focused on seamlessly integrating the Metralabs SCITOS X3 AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) into the NAiSE software ecosystem. To enhance the AGV’s capabilities, IAS implemented a cutting-edge camera-based people detection system on the robot. This system, driven by machine learning and utilizing a 2D camera, detects individuals in front of the AGV, and through the MQTT protocol, transmits position data seamlessly to the NAiSE software.

Employing a neural network-based machine vision system, the camera captures data, which, through mathematical algorithms, calculates the relative position of individuals in proximity to the AGV. NAiSE, equipped with this real-time information, maintains awareness of the AGV’s position, the position of the human obstacles, and overall layout within ARENA2036.

The real magic of our collaboration lies in the dynamic re-routing capability. As the positions of detected individuals change, NAiSE continuously adapts AGV routes in real-time. The system intelligently identifies interactions with traffic nodes in the NAiSE layout, blocking occupied nodes for vehicle traffic and generating optimal routes for AGVs avoiding these. For this purpose the system creates dynamic geofences around the persons.

“Our cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering of the University of Stuttgart has been extremely important to us for years. The ideas that are part of this collaboration create possibilities for the industry that have not been seen on the market so far. Innovation is at the core of our business and we are extremely glad that the University of Stuttgart and the Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering recognize this.”, said CEO of NAiSE, Mr. Kai Przybysz-Herz.

The Metralabs integration into the NAiSE system follows the VDA5050 standard, aligning with our commitment to open communication standards for efficient order planning and execution. Real-time re-planning, fueled by data from the IAS detection system, highlights the project’s dynamic nature, especially in logistics and production settings with constantly changing environments.

This use case not only demonstrates the seamless integration of IAS’s innovative people detection system with NAiSE’s AGV management but also showcases the adaptability and real-time responsiveness of the NAiSE software in dynamic environments, setting a precedent for the future of logistics and automation.

The results of this project were successfully presented during the final presentation of the SynergieRegion project by employees of NAiSE and representatives of the institute Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weyrich and Mr. Hannes Vietz.

“Effective human-robot interaction hinges on a robot’s ability to perceive and adapt to human presence, ensuring seamless collaboration and safety in shared spaces. This synergy is not just about coexistence but about enhancing efficiency and harmonizing our technological future.”, said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weyrich, Head of institute.

The Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering (IAS) serves as a pivotal force at the University of Stuttgart, boasting a rich legacy of over 80 years. Positioned as a dynamic think-tank and integration hub, IAS acts as a bridge builder between Industrial Automation and Software Engineering. In the heart of the bustling industrial metropolis of Stuttgart, IAS cultivates a creative environment, fostering innovation and serving as a catalyst for collaborative advancements in these crucial fields.


Dynamic Re-Routing for Optimal Efficiency:
Our NAiSE software’s dynamic re-routing feature, in this project powered by real-time data from the IAS people detection system, ensures that Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) always follow the most efficient paths available. This reduces travel times, increases productivity, and optimizes material flow in dynamic environments.

Enhanced Safety and Accident Prevention:
Leveraging the IAS camera-based people detection system in this use case, NAiSE ensures a heightened level of safety by continuously monitoring and calculating the position of individuals in proximity to AGVs. The dynamic geofencing feature adds an extra layer of safety, blocking or unblocking specific areas based on the real-time movement of individuals, effectively creating a dynamic safety-zone.

Improved Resource Utilization:
With accurate real-time data on the position of AGVs, and dynamic interactions with individuals, NAiSE enables optimal resource utilization. This includes efficient management of AGV fleets, reduced idle times, and streamlined operations in logistics and production settings.

Adaptability to Changing Environments:
NAiSE’s adaptability to dynamic environments, such as warehouses or production halls, is a key benefit. The system can quickly respond to changes in layouts, varying transport speeds, and shifting priorities, ensuring continuous optimization even in unpredictable conditions.

Seamless Integration of Cutting-Edge Technologies:
Our collaboration showcases the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning, neural networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This integration not only enhances operational accuracy but also positions the software as a future-ready solution for evolving technological landscapes.

Real-Time Decision-Making with Data Insights:
NAiSE empowers decision-makers with real-time insights derived from continuous data collection and analysis. The system’s ability to anticipate and prevent traffic issues, bottlenecks, and accidents allows for proactive decision-making, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Scalability and Vendor Independence:
NAiSE’s scalable architecture ensures growth alongside the evolving needs of interactive environments. Vendor independence, demonstrated through compatibility with various manufacturers and the VDA5050 interface, provides flexibility and futureproofing for diverse intralogistics.


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