“Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen”

– J. Bergeson –


Product Overview

We offer real-time localization of any intralogistics participant (people, forklifts, tugger trains, goods, or mobile robots). It is used to automate processes, to collect and analyze data. Each company receives confidential information that can be used to make the most efficient decisions.

NAiSE Tracking

Key benefits

Tracking intralogistics benefits


Get a better overview of the supply chain at any time and any places.


Collect data and gain a better understanding of your internal processes.


Position based trigger brings automation to the next level.

Gives intralogistics transparency

Databases are one of the most important resources. Use them to make phenomenal conclusions and to achieve much better results. However, databases are not easy to create, and intralogistics implies various processes that have not been possible to follow so far. But with the NAiSE solution, this is becoming more than possible.

Intralogistics accuracy
Tracking forklift

How it works

Real-time position data can be used to implement position-dependent automation (e.g. identity-dependent door opening, switching off a robot upon entry), and it is stored in the existing databases (e.g. detection of forklift danger zones).

Real-time position data
Tracking intralogistics

Hardware Setup

Our product includes hardware elements that use real-time location data to track participants in intralogistics and send position data.

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Features Overview

Intralogistics traffic analysis


All participants can be actively included using patented ultra-wideband based localization network.


When tracked objects enter or leave user-defined zones, everything can be managed automatically (gates, lights, tasks).


Traffic conflicts can be detected in advance and past scenarios can be replayed.


NAiSE Tracking allows each company to apply omlox! This is an open and interoperable standard that is revolutionizing real-time locating and makes it widely available. Products from different manufacturers can be networked together in a core zone and various locating technologies.

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