“Safety first is safety always!”

– C. M. Hayes –

Product Overview

We offer accident reduction in the warehouse between forklift and forklift, but also forklift and person, and any other AGVs/AMRs. With our safety solution, each company is able to provide a safe working environment in intralogistics.

NAiSE Safety

Key benefits

Safety in intralogistics


Assistant in protecting employees and forklifts, and eliminating accidents.


The product is available for each company’s safety regulations. For the people, you can define a distance and warning system with four levels of warning states. With our solution you can control the speed of forklifts.


A combination of sound and light signal warns your workers. This combination, as well as controlling the speed of the forklifts ensure the control of the forklifts.

Gives intralogistics protection

Using radio frequency technology, each company can avoid accidents by determining the distance between participants and warnings if they are too close. All this is implemented in accordance with the needs and regulations of the company.

Protect employees
Protect forklift

How it works

The sensor hardware is used on people and industrial trucks (especially forklifts). People are warned by the sensor on their wrist when a vehicle is approaching. In the case of industrial trucks, the sensor hardware can warn the driver with the help of sound and light and then reduces gradually the speed automatedly as soon as a danger is detected.

Eliminate accidents
Safety solution

Hardware Setup

The hardware setup consists of the components for pedestrians and forklifts. For pedestrians companies have to apply NAiSE Ranger, and for the forklifts the NAiSE Control Unit which is connected to the cable of the control system of the forklifts. Optionally, the system can be extended by a NAiSE Tag to determine the position in the environment and to be connected to the software.

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Features Overview

Warning system


Setting of the warning and protective zones is freely editable.


Every worker and forklift is alerted with a light and sound signal. 


Reduces the speed of the forklift in multi-steps if there is an obstacle to smooth operation on the road.


Technology that works perfectly in the warehouse and works smoothly, even though there is a lot of metal in the room.

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