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Available job positions

(Student/Internship/Part time) MARKETING ASSISTANT (w/m/d)


(Student/Internship/Part time) EVENT MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (w/m/d)


(Student/Internship/Part time) UI/UX DESIGNER (w/m/d)


(Full time) UI/UX DESIGNER (w/m/d)


(Student/Internship/Part time) AI ASSISTANT (w/m/d)



Our team consists of highly qualified people with the titles of software and hardware developers, technology engineers, business development, and various management fields. We supplement our knowledge with various skills that we have acquired through our work and experience. We are all united in a common goal and we all contribute to its realization. Our common mission is to improve the quality of our products by creating innovative solutions for all customer requirements, while at the same time preserving team spirit and creative processes.


We work together to achieve our goals. Support, trust, dedication, and successful results are just some of the characteristics of our daily lives. Mutual support, and exchange of knowledge and experiences are present in every process and task.

Learn more about your future colleagues


Silas Geiger

“Innovation is something that drives all companies to develop and achieve notable results. NAiSE is doing what no one has done so far, and that is to include ALL intralogistics participants in one system and deal with the issue of safety, which is very important today. What further motivates me are smiling and hard-working colleagues, the trust I have from others, and flexibility.”


Olga Štaka

“Since I started working at NAiSE, I realized how complex an intralogistics system can be and that it is important for every company to invest in the development of that department. We are creating new generation of smart solutions.”


Furkan Üzmez

“Providing the highest interaction and communication between all participants is becoming very important in intralogistics. That is why my mission is to do my job to the best of my ability, all in the amazing space of ARENA 2036, which has delighted me since my first working day. What we do is create custom solutions always available for companies.”

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