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Efficient and safe material flow is critical to the success of any intralogistics operation. However, ensuring that all participants in the flow – from mobile transport robots and forklifts to pedestrians – work together smoothly and without conflict can be challenging. At NAiSE, we offer a comprehensive solution to this problem with our NAiSE TRAFFIC Management system. Our system provides traffic control that coordinates the movements of all participants in the material flow, ensuring their safe and efficient collaboration. By doing so, we prevent traffic conflicts and mitigate the risk of bottlenecks, congestion, and accidents. With our traffic control system in place, the material flow remains fluid and efficient, even in mixed operation scenarios. This enables you to optimize your material flow and avoid bottlenecks, ultimately improving your processes and increasing your overall efficiency. Our NAiSE TRAFFIC Management system is tailored to meet the unique requirements of intralogistics operations. Our system provides you with an optimal solution to avoid traffic conflicts and improve the efficiency of your material flows.


NAiSE Traffic provides a comprehensive overview of all participants in your intralogistics operations, including mobile transport robots, forklifts, tugger trains, and pedestrians. With this information, you can easily access qualitative and quantitative analysis of activities and make informed decisions. Our continuous real-time data collection and analysisallows you to anticipate and prevent traffic jams, bottlenecks, and accidents, significantly enhancing efficiency and safety. Our solution offers complete transparency, making all information visible and easily understandable. Using NAiSETraffic Analysis, you can detect and anticipate issues in the constantly evolving environment of a dynamic factory, enabling you to take timely action and improve your intralogistics system’s performance. At NAiSE, we provide a comprehensive traffic analysis system that ensures smooth and safe material flow in intralogistics systems. Our solutionoffers a complete traffic control solution, enhancing your operations’ performance, safety, and efficiency.


As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in the manufacturing industry, industrial automation solutions have become an important part of operations. NAiSE Traffic is at the forefront of this trend, connecting various feedback-enabled automated devices to enhance transportation solutions using state-of-the-art technology. Our solution allows for centralized control of all automation processes in the material flow, avoiding the need for disparate solutions. One of the benefits of our solution is the ability to centralize the control of different devices. For example, a single gate can be controlled centrally, reducing the need for the installation of different IO boxes in the case of a heterogeneous fleet. This streamlines operation and reduces the complexity of managing different systems. Another advantage of our solution is the simplification of integrating different systems from various manufacturers. By providing a standardized and centralized system, the integration of fire alarm systems, for instance, no longer needs to be done individually by each manufacturer. This saves time, effort, and resources, making it easier to manage the different systems within a facility.


Efficient order management is crucial for optimizing material flow and increasing productivity in any intralogisticsoperation. At NAiSE, we understand the importance of integrating all stakeholders in the process to achieve maximum efficiency. Our solution incorporates mobile transport robots, pedestrians inside warehouses or production halls, tuggertrains, and automated high-bay warehouses, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to order management. Tominimize unnecessary traffic and maximize resource utilization, we utilize intelligent order distribution and optimizedascheduling methods, ensuring that there are no empty trips. Our solution can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems or implemented through our MQTT interface, allowing for efficient and streamlined automated orderprocessing. By centralizing all automation processes in material flow, we avoid isolated solutions that may hinderefficiency. Our order management system allows for real-time monitoring of progress and enables quick and informeddecision-making. With NAiSE Traffic’s order management solution, you can achieve maximum efficiency and streamline your intralogistics operations for optimal productivity.


Simulate Robots in an Environment where existing traffic participants, such as AGVs/AMRs and manually operatedforklifts, are already operating. These simulated vehicles can interact with each other as well as with the real trafficparticipants, allowing for the simulation and testing of traffic situations and scenarios in a highly realistic environment. By combining simulated and real vehicles, the Hybrid Simulation provides valuable insights and preparation opportunitiesbefore deploying new AGV/AMR fleets. It allows the identification and resolution of potential bottlenecks, conflicts, orinefficient traffic flows even before the new vehicles are actually deployed. This enables the early detection and resolutionof possible issues, shortening the startup phase of the new fleet and ensuring a smooth integration. The Hybrid Simulation helps assess the performance of your planned AGV/AMR fleet, understand its interactions with the existing trafficinfrastructure, and take appropriate measures to ensure efficient and safe material flow. Through realistic testing and simulation of different scenarios, you can make well-informed decisions and optimize your operations to achieve the bestpossible results.


Experience a groundbreaking solution for Material Tracking with NAiSE. This innovative technology provides you with a real-time overview of cargo carriers’ positions and their associated materials. Say goodbye to time-consuming searches forgoods, even in turbulent processes, as NAiSE keeps you in control. The system allows for direct and indirect tracking ofgoods, offering enhanced visibility through grouping and color-coded separation within the application. With NAiSE, yousave on expenses and associated costs incurred during the search for materials. Additionally, the precise tracking ofindividual goods enables seamless order management, ensuring direct synchronization with NAiSE’s Order Management system. This fosters efficiency and streamlined operations, leading to increased productivity across your organization. Furthermore, the ability to make automatic bookings in ERP systems based on position data and geofences allows forvaluable insights to be shared across different company processes. NAiSE empowers you to optimize your Material Tracking, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and taking your business to new heights of success.

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