A successful year for NAiSE

12.01.2023 | naise.eu


NAiSE introduced a new generation of products in their Product Portfolio focused on increasing the efficiency in the intralogistics process. The growing need for automation among businesses with intralogistics departments was also reflected in the increased demand for NAiSE Traffic and Order Manager, as the only product in the world that has the possibility of integrating all participants in traffic (all types of AGVs, AMRs, forklifts, tugger trains, and pedestrians). The NAiSE company’s year-on-year growth in product sales increased by 120% when compared to sales in 2021. NAiSE has successfully installed its products in five countries by the end of 2022, including Germany, China, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Turkey. Sales growth in 2022 also boosted the motivation for the product installation plan for the new year 2023. NAiSE plans to install its products in 7 countries worldwide in the upcoming year. Also, Cooperation in other business categories has been developed through product compatibility with many NAiSE Traffic’s clients and consumers.

The goal is higher productivity in intralogistics!

NAiSE has officially presented partnerships, or compatibility, with a total of 16 companies by the end of 2022. These companies are Pilz, Bosch Rexroth, W&T, Flowcate, Omron, Safelog, Union Intelligent Technology, NODE Robotics, symovo, Sevensense, Gestalt Robotics, Evocortex, BeeWaTec, Carrybots, TruPhysics, and Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik (IFT). Compatibility means that the NAiSE Traffic product is successfully integrated with the different products of the above-mentioned companies. However, NAiSE is able to integrate the products of all AGV, AMR and navigation platform manufacturers, and hence the establishment of official cooperation and the publication of partnerships will further continue during the current year and beyond.

↗ Sales Partnership of NAiSE and Pilz

↗ Intralogistics with NAiSE Traffic & Web-IO


Due to the increase in the volume of work, the company NAiSE is intensively working on the promotion of available job positions, and in the course of 2022, it successfully increased the number of workers by 80%, thus software development, design, photo, and video production, received reinforcements.

↗ Available job positions


NAiSE adopted a new and improved policy in the field of marketing and promotion of the company, which is reflected in the better presentation of functionality and components of NAiSE products during corporate events and gatherings. Our company had the opportunity to present its product at 20 events in 2022, which were held in Stuttgart, Dortmund, Nuremberg, Munich, St. Georgen, Ludwigsburg and Leipzig. The original branding and the new edition of the website enhanced the popularity and curiosity of the NAiSE products. Many media outlets shared articles, news, and headlines about NAiSE’s success and products with their audience, emphasizing the company’s operations quality.

↗ “NAiSE compatibility” als neues Integrationskonzept für AGV/AMR

NAiSE expects an increase in the flow of projects, and the establishment of cooperation with companies that produce solutions for intralogistics and are looking for solutions for intralogistics. Also, NAiSE will invest capacities in expanding the team, developing new software functions, and creating creative and automated presentations of the company. 

Nevertheless, NAiSE will maintain positive energy, accessibility, responsibility, flexibility, and quality cooperation with existing customers and partners!

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