Thanks to our technology that use real-time location data, this data can be used to implement position-dependent automation (e.g. identity-dependent door opening, switching off a robot upon entry), and it is stored in the existing databases (e.g. detection of forklift danger zones). Databases are one of the most important resources. Use them to make phenomenal conclusions and to achieve much better results. However, databases are not easy to create, and intralogistics implies various processes that have not been possible to follow so far. But with the NAiSE solution, this is becoming more than possible.


At an event held at the Messe Dortmund the previous few days, the IFOY Award 2022, NAiSE received the “Best in Intralogistics” award. We had the opportunity to present our NAiSE Traffic product through mini mash-up for jury members and B2B visitors. Everyone on our booth was able to test the use of our hardware and software in intralogistics. This year, the certificates were presented by Steffen Bersch, the new Chairman of the Board of the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association. The well-known “Best in Intralogistics” seal was introduced four years ago and is intended to document visibly to the outside world the high degree of innovation of the devices and solutions nominated for an IFOY AWARD that have successfully passed the IFOY test. During our demonstration, we used the omron and symovo robots.

NAiSE Compatibility


This program was created by Omron Industrial Automation Europe to show users which vendors it is already working within the VDA5050 area. For us, this is a very important recognition because it confirms what we have been developing and offering for several years for the needs of intralogistics. Omron has over 25 years of experience in mobile robotics, especially in the development of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). The VDA5050 is a communication interface that serves the growing desire for interoperability, i.e. the operation of mixed fleets independent of the manufacturer.

Mr. Sven Kaluza from Omron was our guest at ARENA2036. NAiSE currently owns OMRON-AMR which is an integral part of our product demonstrations. We have worked together to improve the combined use of our products.

OMRON Website


With the help of colleagues from TRUMPF and IFT, we were able to enable a complete system that includes hardware and software components. For us, omlox is ideal platform for connecting different location systems to all industrial participants. These are directly integrated into NAiSE Traffic Management, allowing the AGVs, forklifts, products and people to connect with each other. Thereby, we improve the automation level of the supply chain in the industry, bringing it one step closer to the industry of the future Industry 4.0. Our customers benefit from both the easy integration of different location technologies and the higher level of automation NAiSE Traffic Management provides.


Together, we automate and robotize intralogistics. In the coming period we will cooperate on many innovative projects. We are currently working together to align our NAiSE Traffic product and symovo robotic system. This combination of products can lead each intralogistics to new dimension of technology 4.0.


With colleagues from Regensburg, we did a demo of our holistic Fleet manager with AMRs from Omron Industrial Automation Europe and Bosch Rexroth. Continental is a company that is one of the users of our products, but also a long-term partner with whom we have successful cooperation.