Colleagues from Continental shared how they use our traffic management system in intralogistics with the help of Omron Industrial Automation Europe robots. Our technology enables the automation of intralogistics. Connect all robots, traffic lights, gates, and other participants of intralogistics with one solution. Monitoring, analysis and databases are also an indispensable part of the system.


Three Omron Industrial Automation Europe AMRs are compatible with NAiSE Traffic:
1. LD-60/90
2. LD-250
3. HD-1500

“OMRON Industrial Automation functions as a partner to help innovate worldwide manufacturing. Through our expertise in sensing and control technology, we enable manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency.”


Bosch Rexroth ActiveShuttle is compatible with NAiSE Traffic!

The AMR ActiveShuttle makes it possible to enter the factory of the future today: It can be implemented quickly without adapting your existing factory infrastructure, is intuitive to use, fully networked and safe! ActiveShuttle automates and standardizes your internal flow of goods.

With a live map update, ActiveShuttle AMR is able to efficiently navigate in a dynamic environment and via the integrated screen provides precise communication with the workers on the shop floor.


Evocortex EvoCarrier is compatible with NAiSE Traffic!

It also takes on larger tasks, such as small load containers or Euro pallets, and impresses with its millimeter accurate positioning. With its under clearance of less than 100 mm, it makes itself look much smaller than it is, only to come out big with its integrated lifting unit and a load capacity of 120 kg. The EvoCarrier is a powerful buddy that gives your employees a helping hand and, thanks to its autonomous capabilities, is an asset to any logistics team.

Evocortex develops and manufactures autonomous mobile robots. Their sensor technologies and algorithms enable precise control and localization without additional infrastructure. The systems are highly adaptive and freely scalable. This is how they bring production and logistics even closer together: efficiently, safely, and with all our passion for visionary ideas.


Sevensense Robotics Alphasense Autonomy is compatible with NAiSE Traffic!

Sevensense Robotics Visual AI technology enables OEMs to build mobile robots that move autonomously in challenging and dynamic environments and serve new use cases, making it possible for robots to safely and efficiently complete difficult tasks.

Alphasense Autonomy is a unique robot autonomy system that combines the benefits of Visual SLAM positioning with advanced AI local perception and navigation tech. It is a true plug-and-play navigation stack, ready for any mobile ground robot, featuring reliable safety behaviors, advanced motion capabilities and dynamic obstacle avoidance.


NODE Robotics NODE.EDGE is compatible with NAiSE Traffic!

NODE Robotics offers plug&play software solutions for autonomous intralogistics. The focus is on driverless transport vehicles and mobile robots, which are turned into multi-vendor, autonomous and collaborative fleets by our software solutions. In doing so NODE provides the basis for the widespread use of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in production and intralogistics.

NODE.EDGE represents the basic capability of the AMR for autonomous navigation and delivers the level of robustness needed to ensure maximum AMR availability even in harsh environments. Continuously updated environment and data models enable the NODE.EDGE to adapt to environmental changes in real-time and cope with unforeseen situations. NODE.EDGE is designed for simple and time-efficient commissioning and maintenance.


symovo GmbH movo-one is compatible with NAiSE Traffic!

symovo GmbH enables SMEs to automate intralogistics. The low-cost and easy-use mobile robotic system is the first to be commanded by IoT devices – reducing installation effort and thereby time and costs.

Movo-one is easy to use with free navigation and a 1.5m/s speed. It carries euro boxes with 2×25 kg or up to 70 kg load and is controlled by #VDA5050 or symovo’s IoT devices.



Flowcate is a global technology company focused on reshaping how location data is used in IoT.

The representative of the company Flowcate, Mr. Stephan Zangerl visited ARENA2036 to talk with representatives of the NAiSE company about the upcoming cooperation and the process of establishing the compatibility of DeepHub and NAiSE Traffic products.


We attended STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play #EXPO2022 in Stuttgart!

We had the opportunity to hear amazing presentations of Ola Kaellenius – CEO at Mercedes-Benz AG, Tanja Rueckert – CDO at Bosch & Henning and many others on 3 different stages during the event.

Digital Product Forum 2022

NAiSE had the opportunity to be part of the “Digital Product Forum 2022” event of Mercedes-Benz AG, together with ARENA2036.