“NAiSE compatibility”

integration concept for AGVs/AMRs


It allows companies to solve dozens of issues in intralogistics with just one solution

Date: 01.06.2022.

“NAiSE Compatibility” is a new concept developed with the aim of making it easier for all companies that need to use AGV / AMR to find the most efficient solution. Being NAiSE compatible means that the AGV / AMR of a certain manufacturer is networked and integrated into the NAiSE Traffic.

All AGV / AMR manufacturers become NAiSE compatible at 3 different levels, depending on the level of integration of the NAiSE solution with AGV / AMR. The first level of integration involves talking to a technical expert from the robot manufacturer and gaining the necessary insight into the interfaces of the robots to be integrated. The second level of integration involves initial software integration, the testing environment of the software in the cloud or as a docker image, and the requirement checklist supports the robot manufacturer throughout the entire integration process. The third level of integration involves the final testing routine, which means that after successful software integration, we perform a testing routine that can be carried out in our testing center (ARENA2036, Stuttgart) or already in the final application area of ​​the robot.

IFOY 2022

A list of all AGVs / AMRs manufacturers will be shared with our customers, posted on social media, website, promo material, and pitch deck. In this way, users of our products will recognize which AGV / AMR they can use to reduce costs and facilitate the entire process of integrating a new robot in intralogistics efficiently.