NAiSE Traffic at IFOY 


NAiSE presents NAiSE Traffic at IFOY Test Days and Test Camp Intralogistics.

Date: 18.03.2022

The competition for the IFOY AWARD 2022 started today in Dortmund, where our company will present one of our products – NAiSE Traffic.

IFOY Test Days and Test Camp Intralogistics are held from March 18 to 23 in Messe Dortmund. Test Camp Intralogistics is intended for B2B visitors and will be held from March 21 to 23. Visitors will have the opportunity for individual testing of our product, participation in panel discussions with experts on global intralogistics trends, networking and exchange of experiences. During the entire program, our product will receive grades, and the members of the jury are internationally reputed trade journalists and worldwide leading logistics media. This year, 14 products and solutions from 12 manufacturers from a field of 29 companies are competing for the IFOY AWARD, and NAiSE Traffic is one of them.


Our technology represents a single system of hardware for localization and communication, and software for coordination and traffic control. Using real-time information, the NAiSE Traffic enables the analysis of the flow of goods, increasing security and optimizing traffic control.

During IFOY Test Days and Test Camp Intralogistics, we will have the opportunity to present a real-time demonstration of our product that gives intralogist the opportunity to improve business, and at the same time provide greater protection to all traffic participants.

What does NAiSE Traffic offer?
THE WHOLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​IN ONE VIEW – We offer you a 3D interactive map, where everyone can see the position of all participants in intralogistics in your environment at any time.
TRAFFIC RULES FOR YOUR INTRALOGISTICS – With our solution, you get the opportunity to define all traffic zones, their rules and that all of them are respected.
THE MATERIAL FLOW FULLY UNDER CONTROL – You get the opportunity to enable efficient interaction of all intralogistics participants and to eliminate all unwanted events. You get a tool for planning, organizing and communicating the steps and sequence of events within intralogistics.
FIND BOTTLENECKS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN – With the help of data, you can download from our software, you will see and understand the activities of participants, speed of movements, conflicts and their flow. The data will be available any time starting with the installation of our solution.