What is VDA5050?

The VDA5050 is a standard that represents a unique and networked AGVs communication system. More precisely, it refers to the communication of AGVs in logistics and fleet management software. Companies procure AGVs from different manufacturers and they have different systems which leads to complications. The VDA5050 standard was created with the aim of adopting a system that allows AGVs to communicate with each other, even from different manufacturers, and this is exactly what NAiSE Traffic enables.

What is omlox?

omlox is the world’s first open locating standard, unifies location data from all positioning technologies and enables vendor-independent locating of all moving objects. In the context of AGVs / AMRs, it complements VDA5050. Together, omlox and VDA5050 ensure interoperability between different types of AGVs / AMRs and fleet controllers.

What is AGV?

AGV is an automated guided vehicle. It has minimal intelligence and is based on simple programming. Wires, magnetic strips, or sensors are used for its navigation. It is programmed so that it can only follow pre-defined fixed routes and can recognize obstacles, but it cannot bypass them, and in situations where it encounters an obstacle, it stops.

Are NAiSE products only for the companies who are applying VDA5050 or omlox standard?

No, any company can implement our solution to intralogistics. 

What is intralogistics?

Intralogistics means any closed space in which people (pedestrians) together with industrial vehicles (forklifts, tugger trains), and more recently robots (AGVs, AMRs) carry out the transfer and organization of materials, boxes and products.

What is AMR?

AMR is an autonomous mobile robot. It has more intelligence in the movement process and is based on following the map. In its movement, it uses a combination of cameras, built-in sensors, and laser scanners that are supported by customized software. It can recognize obstacles and react if it recognizes them by bypassing them and following a different route.

Naise Products


Why is this product called NAiSE Traffic?

Because it enables better quality of traffic within intralogistics, without unwanted events.

Which intralogistics participants can be involved in this system?

All those who participate in any activities within the intralogistics of any company can be connected to the system and be monitored.

Are there any additional benefits?

Yes! You create greater security within the company which will allow you to have satisfied employees, less damage, more productivity, and better financial and operational results.

What is the basis of this solution?

It is a NAiSE RTLS localization network. Thanks to that, you can see the current position of all participants connected to the system at any time and plan more efficient processes.

What kind of visualization is in the system?

Thanks to our 3D laser scanner, we create a high-precision 3D image of your AGVs environment. Quick orientation is possible in the 3D world and provides an impressive real-time image of your business premises.

What components does it consist of?

It consists of hardware and central software. Each of them has its own special functions, and together they enable precise real-time tracking, automation, traffic analysis, easier implementation of VDA5050 standard, control of traffic participants, sending signals and movement commands, evacuation in case of activation of security alarm.

How is this product installed in my company?

The installation takes place in several phases that are designed to be adaptable to the company. 

On which devices can I monitor what is happening?

Thanks to the web-based software user interface, it can be used on any device. You have full access from wherever you want, whether on the desktop PC at the workplace or on a tablet in the production hall. The application was developed together with our customers and can be operated intuitively, which enables the user to get started quickly.

Is the system easy to use?

Yes, it is extremely simple.

How accurate is the system?

Our system is 100% accurate. With the Order Manager Dashboard, you can keep track of your transport orders. Thanks to a precise status display, you can see where the goods are and be informed as soon as possible if there are conflicts.


Why is this product called NAiSE Tracking?

Because you are able to follow the movements of all participants in your intralogistics with 100% accuracy at any time.

Is there an added benefit?

Yes! It allows you to apply the omlox standard in your intralogistics. In this way, you connect what has been unrelated so far, and many processes become simpler and easier.

Why should I use this solution?

Because it provides information from which you can make decisions and conclusions to eliminate all unnecessary processes and moves. This will save money, time, increase quality and improve results.

What is the difference between NAiSE Traffic and NAiSE Tracking?

NAiSE Traffic is a much more complete system that can offer a variety of benefits. NAiSE Tracking is in one way also a part of the Traffic solution, but it can also be applied as a separate system.


Why is this product called NAiSE Safety?

Because its elements of functioning enable greater safety of employees, goods, materials, means of transport, robots in intralogistics.

How does this system work?

Thanks to the sensor hardware components, it gives you the ability to react preventively, prevent some adverse events, and issue a signal based on which you are able to pay attention. When it comes to vehicles, it can reduce speed.

Is there any additional benefit?

Yes! Employees get safer and will work more satisfied, so the overall atmosphere of safety influences greater and more a positive brand promotion.

Are there any additional services that NAiSE offers?

Yes! There are several services that our company offers, and these are 2 types of workshops and 4 types of support. Depending on the need, agreement and capacity it will be determined which type of service fits best to your intralogistics.


About NAiSE

What makes NAiSE special?

We integrate all participants in intralogistics traffic and thus enable greater efficiency of operations performed by different actors. Our products are innovative, of best quality, easy to use and will bring 30 % of more efficiency.

Is NAiSE offering software and hardware?

Yes, both elements are included in all our 3 solutions.

For which companies are NAiSE products?

For every company that has intralogistics segments within its business.

Am I able to see a demo version of NAiSE products?

Yes, you can do that any time by clicking on demo, but also come to ARENA2036 in our showroom where we can do a simulation. You can also order DEMO KIT and test it.

What does it mean to integrate all participants?

Our solution control traffic of AGVs/AMRs, forklift, tugger trains, and pedestrians.

Which problems NAiSE products are solving?

In warehouses and production halls there has been hectic and chaotic transport traffic, and there are no rules as we know them from road traffic (traffic lights, signs, traffic rules), as the necessary flexibility does not make this possible. Countless traffic jams and accidents are the results, which affect the entire flow of goods and thus the entire productivity of a company. So-called “fleet managers” have already solved the problem for the mobile transport robots, but the entire mixed operation (people, forklifts, and mobile transport robots from other manufacturers) is not considered.

Is NAiSE located in ARENA2036 and what is that?

Yes, in Stuttgart. ARENA 2036 is the innovation platform for mobility and production of the future. It is a shared interactive space used by several companies in which we develop and shape the technological change.


How and where to apply?

You can go to our career page and see all open job positions. At each one of them there is description how to apply. If you think that you have something to offer to us, but there is no open position for that, you can contact us at any time on our email address and we will reply to you.

Do I have to speak German or English?

Our company nurtures diversity and that is why we have employees who come from different countries and speak different languages. All team members use German or English daily. Knowledge of both languages is not required, but at least one of these two is.

Is the job currently done from home or from the office?

You can choose what suits you best. This is a topic in which we are extremely flexible. The only important thing is that the task is performed with the highest quality and within the agreed timeframe. 

What are the values we are looking for?

Responsibility, commitment to tasks, flexibility, tolerance, skills, and knowledge needed to perform a job description, a desire to contribute to the success of the company, positive energy and a wide smile.

What does it look like to work at NAiSE?

You have opportunities for advancement, daily contact with all colleagues, everyone is willing to help and create the best possible results. There is a pleasant working atmosphere in the team, but also friendly when we have time for that. We support each other and are always happy to celebrate our mutual successes.