About us

Our Mission

NAiSE enables coordination and traffic control of ALL intralogistics participants (pedestrians, industrial trucks and mobile robots) using sensor infrastructure and intelligent integrated communication. The solution increases the efficiency of the flow of goods and productivity of the business premises. Time for transport gets decreased, economic results increase and transparency gets stronger.

Our Story

During their studies, two colleagues from the University of Stuttgart’s Electrical Engineering recognized how low the transparency inside the buildings is and how difficult it is to pinpoint the location. This position data could have brought many solutions. This motivated them to find a solution to a perfectly precise localization system. They made it possible for each sensor to know its position at all times, but also the position of all other participants. This solution fits perfectly into the needs of intralogistics.

Our Values

Teamwork is one of the most important elements for successful business results! We are a team of hardworking, ambitious, young people. What is important to us is quality, the desire to progress and learn new things, but also flexibility and a positive atmosphere. We cherish diversity and every employee in our team feels equally accepted and valued.

The Founders




“It is a great pleasure to be able to contribute to companies in the intralogistics segment. Our solution has so far proven to be extremely effective. We are happy to respond to the requirements and needs of users of our solutions.”




“We are proud to be the first business to offer such a unique solution that addresses important and frequent difficulties. With our products, we provide an ideal solution that offers quality and long-term successful results.”




“It is not always easy to implement innovations in business, but that is why we are here. We want to enable every company to apply new solutions and technologies in intralogistics with the help of our high-quality support! “

Our Working space

We are currently located at ARENA2036 in Stuttgart, where we have the opportunity to work with companies that are also located there on a daily basis. The atmosphere motivates us to create cutting-edge innovations and solutions for the needs of the industry.